Upgrading from Earlier Versions

If you're running IPTraf 2.0.x or earlier, and you're using TCP/UDP filters, do a make upgrade procedure in the src/ directory. Versions 1.4.x and 2.0.x erroneously placed the filter data files in a wrong directory due to a filename parsing bug.

The filter state information for all filters has been merged into a single file. The addition of better criteria in the miscellaneous IP filters also required the change in filter state file format. There is no need to redefine your existing TCP and UDP filters, but IPTraf 2.5 will not use the last filters you applied with the previous versions. Just re-apply them before you run the IP traffic monitor.

Since the simple filter toggles for other IP protocols have been replaced with better filter definitions, they will have to define them if you wish to filter these protocols as described in the filters section.

Also verify the settings for ARP, RARP, and non-IP filter toggles before running any of the statistical facilities for the first time