Preparing to Use IPTraf

This chapter provides information applicable to all of IPTraf's statistical monitors.

Number Display Notations

Initially IPTraf returns exact counts of bytes and packets. However, as they grow larger, IPTraf begins displaying them in higher denominations.

A number standing alone with no suffix represents an exact count. A number with a K following is a kilo (thousand) figure. An M, G, and T suffix represents mega (million), giga (billion), and tera (trillion) respectively. The following table shows examples.

Table 1. Numeric Display Notations

1024067exactly 1024067
1024Kapproximately 1024000
1024Mapproximately 1024000000
1024Gapproximately 1024000000000
1024Tapproximately 1024000000000000

These notations apply to both packet and byte counts.