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June 30, 2000

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IPTraf 3.0.0 - September 19, 2005

Announcing the release of IPTraf 3.0.0, the newest major release featuring an improved filtering system, and wider network interface support.

It's available on SEUL's official download site.

ZDNet: Police Your Network Traffic with IPTraf

ZDNet UK has an article on IPTraf in its Tech Update section. The article, entitled Police Your Network Traffic with IPTraf written by Jack Wallen presents IPTraf as a viable alternative to commercial network analysis tools that can cost up to 2000 pounds (British currency).

It's dated April 30, 2002. A bit late for me to post I know.

IPTraf 2.7.0 Released, May 19, 2002

IPTraf 2.7.0 is now on the official download sites. This is a semi-major release with additional features and more bug fixes.

Additional features include support for wireless LAN interfaces and additional DVB interfaces. This release also fixes a bug in 2.6 wherein the detailed interface statistics did not properly filter packets based on the selected interface, causing inaccurate counts on systems with multiple interfaces (e.g. Linux routers, firewalls).

The manual has also been regenerated from DocBook sources, allowing better loading and navigation much like the manuals of the Linux Documentation Project.

Users of previous versions are encouraged to upgrade.

IPTraf 2.6.1 Released, May 2, 2002

Announcing IPTraf 2.6.1. This is a bugfix release correcting some inaccurate byte counts and data rates and user interface problems in 2.6.0. Users of IPTraf 2.6.0 must upgrade to this new version. Downloads are available here.

IPTraf 2.6.0 is hereby declared a deferred release due to significant count inaccuracies in the IP traffic monitor. All users of version 2.6.0 must upgrade immediately to maintenance release 2.6.1. IPTraf 2.6.0 has been removed from all official download sites.

IPTraf 2.6.0 Released, April 24, 2002

The stable release of IPTraf version 2.6.0 is out and ready for the taking. Source and Intel x86 ready-to-run binaries can be downloaded at the usual sites.

IPTraf 2.6.0 now supports Token Ring interfaces and features TCP flow rate indicators, further improved sorting, protocol data rates, and wider filter coverage. Check out the CHANGES file for more detailed information.

IPTraf 2.6 First Beta Released, January 29, 2002

The first beta version of IPTraf 2.6 is ready for download here. This new version features data rates for TCP connections and the TCP/UDP statistics. There is also experimental Token Ring support, but this is largely untested due to lack of feedback. So those adventurous Token Ring owners out there, do let me know.

Please note that the documentation in this tarball is not final. This release is strictly for testing purposes only. If you're after stability, please stick with version 2.5.0 for now.

IPTraf 2.5.0 Released, August 14 2001

Announcing the release of IPTraf 2.5.0. This release now features a more detailed filter interface for miscellaneous IP packets (i.e. non-TCP, non-UDP), some reorganization of the menu system, and faster sorting. Support for Frame Relay interfaces has also been added.

The iptraf-2.5.0.tar.gz file no longer comes with precompiled programs. Instead, the precompiled executables are available in the iptraf-2.5.0.bin.i386.tar.gz file.

You can download the source and binary distributions here.

IPTraf 2.4.0 Released, March 20 2001

Announcing IPTraf 2.4.0. New features include display of source MAC addresses of LAN hosts, custom log file names, relaxed multiple instances, and recognition of /etc/ethers. Bug fixes include a "brake" on rvnamed, preventing it from crashing the whole system in case your DNS server goes down on a very busy network. A Setup script is now also included to simplify the installation process.

Users are strongly encouraged to upgrade. You can get your copy here.

IPTraf on ZDNet, February 18, 2001

ZDNet has an article on how to come up with low-cost yet effective traffic analysis system, and IPTraf is the recommended software tool. "Traffic Analysis Almost for Free" describes IPTraf as "easy to install, a snap to use, and robust enough to win a permanent place in our network management toolkit."

The article is in two parts. These are the links to part 1 of the article, and part 2.

IPTraf 2.3.1 Released, November 13, 2000

IPTraf 2.3.1 is out. This version is a maintenance release fixing some bugs in the IP traffic monitor sorting code, including a condition which can cause a segfault. IPTraf 2.3.0 users are encouraged to upgrade.

Get it here as usual.

IPTraf 2.3.0 Released, November 6, 2000

Announcing IPTraf 2.3.0. This version now features sorting of the statistics, packet recognition improvements, and some user interface improvements.

It is hoped that those of us aching for sorting will find some solace in what we've been able to come up with. :)

As always, please find the download sites here.

Mailing Lists Now Available, September 30, 2000

Announcing the availability of two IPTraf mailing lists. iptraf-users is the general discussion list, and IPTraf users are encouraged to subscribe. Announcements of new releases or other issues will be posted on iptraf-announce.

To subscribe to the lists, send a mail message to majordomo@seul.org with no subject and with the line

    subscribe listname
in the BODY of the message. listname should be iptraf-users or iptraf-announce.

Great thanks for the support go to Roger and Pete of SEUL. They're great guys.

Updates, September 18, 2000

by Gerard J. <riker@seul.org>

You may be wondering whether anything's been going on. Quite a lot actually, although it's been quite some time since the last release. Thanks to a wonderful (code) contribution, I've been hard at work installing sorting code for the statistics. I've also been working on a router user interface project, so it's been tough squeezing it into my schedule (I still have a day job, y'know :) I'm afraid IPTraf doesn't put food on my table, heh heh).

Anyway, this is just to inform you that I'm completing the sorting code and will be performing torture tests. I hope to roll out a stable IPTraf 2.3.0 in a few weeks. Right now the current version remains 2.2.2.

IPTraf 2.2.2 Released, July 14, 2000

IPTraf maintenance release 2.2.2 is released. Fixes include an occasional segmentation fault in the TCP timeout log routine under certain conditions and an interface recognition fix for DVB interfaces.

Get it here as usual.

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